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Kimberly La Salle

Kimberly La Salle

Chief of Client Relations


As an attorney for more than 27 years, Attorney La Salle served as both a former Deputy District Attorney and Deputy Public Defender. With her vast criminal law experience, she is committed to defending the Constitutional Rights of the accused. I will take great care to make your case stand apart from the others, assuring that a mistake, error in judgment, or wrongful accusation does not derail your future.


  • Kimberly La Salle graduated with honors from UC Irvine in 1991, receiving the Outstanding Achievement in Field Study Award.
  • She attended Loyola Law School, on a full scholarship and fellowship, where she earned her Juris Doctor Degree in 1994.
  • The University of California, Irvine, B.A. Social Ecology, Criminology, with Honors, 1991

Career & Protection of Vulnerable Populations

  • La Salle is an experienced advocate working to obtain justice in the most serious of matters. She has conducted hundreds of preliminary hearings, over thirty court trials, numerous professional license administrative law hearings, over a dozen homicide cases, and so many jury trials that she stopped counting after fifty.
  • La Salle’s litigation efforts have produced life-altering results for juveniles and adults because she prepares every case as if she will be announcing ready for trial.
  • In 2021, the accused, Mr. Pool hired Attorney La Salle, Kidnapping charges were dismissed after obtaining evidence that proved the complaining witness was drug dependent, had pawned her valuables during the time of the alleged week-long captivity, and staged the home to appear as if a sexual assault had taken place.
  • In 2020, Attorney La Salle successfully navigated new legislation and obtained a dismissal on a murder conviction, after demonstrating to the Court that her client was not a “major participant” and did not act with “reckless indifference”; therefore, the felony murder rule theory of liability did not apply to her client.  RELEASED
  • In 2019, Attorney La Salle obtained a dismissal of a double homicide and attempted murder filed against a 15-year-old, who had been incarcerated for seven years.  RELEASED
  • In 2017, the California Supreme Court granted review and remanded in favor of Attorney La Salle’s LGBTQI+ client who was wrongfully denied educational and therapeutic intervention services by being transferred from juvenile detention before her transfer hearing.

Ms. La Salle is an experienced trial attorney who has successfully handled numerous jury trials including:

  • VA076385 People v. M.B. 3rd Strike ADW 35-life exposure – NOT GUILTY
  • VA065380 People v. M.V. 45-year conviction– Retrial with La Salle – NOT GUILTY
  • NA064063 People v. K.D. 3rd Strike Robbery/ Sex case 995 – DISMISSAL
  • NAO55563 People V. J.A, Failure to Register as a Sex Offender, (Client facing 25- life, after trial and a hung jury resolved for 6 years )- HUNG JURY
  • VA075520 People v. P.B. Sodomy/ Rape of Unconscious Person-  HUNG JURY / DISMISSED by Court
  • TA077487 People v. T.L. Month-long ADW /criminal threats – NOT GUILTY
  • SA055416 People v. M.O. Dismissed after 8 days of trial  – DISMISSAL (Subsequent civil Award for clients’ rights being violated.)
  • VAI30723 People v. M. H three days into jury selection – DISMISSAL
  • BA422354 People v C.P. Workman Compensation Fraud -Video – NOT GUILTY
  • 10CF0116 People v S.H. Workman Compensation Fraud – Video – NOT GUILTY Subsequent civil award – over $1 million)
  • TA082781 People v. C.O. Attempted Murder with two prior Murders – HUNG 11-1
“Attorney La Salle you were spectacular! I don’t know how you did that with those facts….” Judge E. Hunter, Los Angeles Superior Court COURAGEOUS, COMPETENT, AND WILLING TO ANNOUNCE READY FOR TRIAL AND OBTAINED OUTSTANDING OFFERS FOR MY CLIENTS BEFORE JURY SELECTION, SUCH AS:
  • NA064155- People v. V.P.  Conspiracy to Kill Police Officer x 2 – DISMISSAL (Disposition of participating in a gang)
  • BA240246- People v. W.T. Murder – DISMISSAL (Disposition of Manslaughter for 4 years)
  • VA089568- People v. M.C. Attempted Murder – DISMISSAL(Disposition for possession of a firecracker)
  • M619692- People V. D.D. Possession of Weapon at Airport – DISMISSAL


  • California State Bar – December 1994- State Bar Number 175870

Legal Experience

Law Office of Kimberly La Salle, 2003 – 2022

  • Exclusively dedicated to the defense of the accused.
  • Defended constitutional rights of accused individuals. Provided excellent representation service for clients facing criminal charges from murder, attempted murder, sex crimes, strikes, and felony assaults; handled matters through jury trial including utilization of forensic, gang, identification, pharmacological and medical experts, and social workers; handled preliminary hearings, probation violation hearings, Pitchess and other evidentiary pretrial motions; also handled misdemeanor matters, and mental health diversion.

Moore Law for Children, Laguna Beach

  • Delinquency and Special Education Attorney, October 2021 – Of counsel July 2022

Independent Juvenile Defender Program (IJDP), Los Angeles County Bar Association

  • Attorney for Youth Justice, 2017 – 2019, 2022- Present

Handled transfer hearings and a variety of other matters from theft offenses to gang murders.

Navigated two pieces of new legislation, effective January 2019, SB1437 (Felony Murder and Natural and Probable Consequence Doctrine) and SB1391 (ending consideration of 14 and 15-year-olds as adults) to successfully obtain a dismissal by the District Attorney’s Office of a double homicide case for a wrongly accused 10th grader, incarcerated for seven years. Successfully demonstrated through extensive motion work that the Natural and Probable Consequence Doctrine was misapplied, and no theory of culpability existed against my client.

Indigent Criminal Defense Appointment Program (ICDA), Los Angeles County Bar Association

  • Trial Lawyer Grade IV, 2003-2007 and 2013-2019

Handled numerous cases, the majority with extensive exposure mostly 25- Life. Conducted preliminary hearings, felony evidentiary hearings, pretrial motions, and jury trials.

VMB Attorneys, Appointments Panel, Riverside County

  • Trial Lawyer, 2011-2012

Handled homicide, gang homicides, strikes, and sexual assault cases vertically through trial.

Office of the District Attorney, Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney, 2000-2003

  • Successfully prosecuted homicide, 3rd strike child molestation, sexual assault, domestic violence, and numerous other matters including carjacking, mayhem, arson, animal cruelty and gang attempted murder cases.

Office of the Public Defender, San Diego County Deputy Public Defender, 1999-2000

  • Defended the accused at every stage of the case from inception to a successful conclusion.

Office of the Public Defender, Los Angeles County Deputy Public Defender, 1995-1999

  • Defended the accused at every stage of the case from inception to a successful conclusion. Successfully conducted hundreds of Preliminary hearings, Jury, and Court Trials.

Professional Associations and Committee Work

  • Member, Orange County Bar Association (OCBA), 2012 – Present
  • Co-Chair, OCBA Diversity Summer Social Event, 2018 -2019,
  • President, Orange County Thurgood Marshall Bar Association (TMBA), 2017
  • Inaugural Gala Chair, OC TMBA, 2018
  • Executive Board, OC TMBA, 2016-2019

Honors & Recognition

Kimberly La Salle has dedicated the majority of her adult life to serving marginalized individuals, youth, and adults accused of wrongdoing.  She utilizes science, best practices, experts, and leading-edge intervention strategies to obtain the best possible outcomes for her clients.  She understands that poorly executed investigations, lack of vetting complaining witnesses, and a lack of professional skill often result in a miscarriage of justice. She stands ready to serve you to protect your future.

Attorney La Sale has been recognized and the state and local levels for her professional contributions by:

  • 2022 California Women Lawyers Fay Stender Award
    CWL gives this award to an attorney, who like Fay Stender, is committed to the representation of disadvantaged groups and unpopular causes, and whose courage, zest for life, and demonstrated ability to effect change as a single individual make her a role model for attorneys
  • Orange County Women Lawyers–Everyday Hero Award (2021)
  • California Law Pathways–Community Partner with Dale E. Fowler School of Law (2021);
  • Inaugural Orange County Superior Court Young Women Civic Empowerment Conference (2019);
  • Dale E. Fowler School of Law–Black Law Students Association–Excellence in the Legal Profession Award (2019);
  • UCI School of Law, Black Law Students Association–Outstanding Community Member (2018);
  • Orangewood Foundation–Bell of the Ball Keynote Speaker (2017);
  • Laura’s House Domestic Violence Clinic–Telephonic Assistance Program Attorney (2015);
  • Society For the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals–Los Angeles Prosecutor (2001);
  • Outstanding Achievement in Field Study Award, UCI Department of Social Ecology 1991.

Message from Attorney La Salle

“It is my honor and privilege to be a lawyer who has served in many roles in the justice system; always performing with fairness, excellence, integrity, and deep respect for our constitution.  I was raised steeped in military tradition and honor for our nation and the principles for which it stands and believe the Presumption of Innocence is foundational to a free and just society.  With this in mind, I will get to work investigating and preparing your case… too much is at stake and your future is simply too important to leave in anyone else’s hands.” -Attorney La Salle