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Patrick Clancy

Patrick Clancy

Chief Strategist

Patrick Clancy Is a Nationally Known Leader Standing Up to the Excesses of the Group Think Victim Movements of the Last 60-Years From “Child Protection” to “Me Too”

Patrick Clancy produced and was the creative force behind the well-received documentaries:

  1. A System Out of Balance was the first documentary to expose the origins and realities of the so-called “Child Protection” system, which has resulted in so many false convictions. When shown to the National DA Association Meeting in Chicago as evidence of “the backlash” against their movement.
  2. Making Memories aired on PBS in the United States and CBC in Canada, exposing and debunking the Recovered Memory and Satanic Cults movements as bogus and junk science.
  • Patrick Clancy is the co-author of the authoritative and well-cited book, “Has a Child Been Molested?” First published in 1997. This landmark book reveals how caring and intelligent people, including police officers, social workers, child therapists, teachers, and even parents, may unwittingly create false accusations of sexual abuse. It explores and debunks the multiple junk science “syndromes” which have formed the basis for the erroneous medical and law enforcement testimony which has led to so many false accusations against and convictions of innocent people.


For over four decades my career has been dedicated to representing those falsely accused of child molestation against the unfair systems that we have in this field. My dream is to form a team of the best and brightest attorneys to carry on with this work to which I have dedicated my career. I was involved as a Chemical Engineer with computers since the days of punch cards and realize that high technology is the only way for us to compete against the well funded and well staffed police and prosecution units. The solution is the fusion of the best and brightest criminal defense attorneys with high technology. As their coach I will pass on the knowledge I have gained over the past for decades to the next generation of all stars.

Trial Experience

Involved in thousands of litigation matters with over 225 jury trials in criminal matters including: majority of cases were child molestation, large number of internet sting cases, internet pornography, incest, rape, Recovered Memory Cases, and 1st Degree murder cases involving Shaken Baby Cases.

Area of Practice

100% dedicated to Criminal Law with an expertise in Sex Crimes defense


  • Criminal Law Specialist, California State Bar, 1989
  • Lobbying California Legislature on Statutes About Child Molestation

Bar Admission

California, 1974


  • Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, California, 1974 Juris Doctorate
  • South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, Rapid City, South Dakota Bachelor of Science Honors:4th In Class Major: Chemical Engineering
  • Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity

Published Works

  • Has A Child Been Molested?, ISBNO-9677418-0-7, 1999
  • False Allegation of Child Sexual Abuse, Why Is It Happening, What Can We Do?, ABA, Criminal Justice, Vol. 5 No. 3, 1990

Continuing education classes and seminars taught

  • Child Molestation Issues, California Public Defender Association, 1988 – present
  • Child Molestation Defense, Vocal, 1988 – 1995

Employment Positions Held

  • Contra Costa County Bar Association, Criminal Division, Vice President, 2001
  • Solano County Public Defender, Deputy Public Defender, 1976 – 1977
  • Los Angeles Public Defender, Deputy Public Defender, 1975 – 1976
  • Clancy Litigation Group, Private Practice in Criminal Law, 1977 – 2009
  • Innocence Legal Team, Founder, 2009 – Present