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William Daley

William Daley

Chief of Appellate Department and Team Leader


I put my heart and soul into defending the individual against the awesome power of the state. It is my obligation and my duty to use all my knowledge, skill, and analytical ability to secure the best possible results for our clients.


  • J.D.University of California School of Law, Berkeley
  • Graduated in top 25% of class
  • Member, Ecology Law Quarterly
  • BA, Cum Laude from Claremont McKenna College

Career Summary

Experienced trial and investigation lawyer with depth expertise in jury trials (85 to verdict), case management, investigation strategy and execution, negotiation and resolution. Small business experience as sole practitioner following one year as clerk for Justice Thomas Caldecott. I have been a member of the Innocence Legal Team since 2009.

Professional Experience

  • Member of the California State Bar Association
  • Member of the Bar for the Ninth Circuit, the Northern District of California, the Eastern District of California, and the Central District of California
  • Thirty plus years’ experience as owner of the Law Offices of William P. Daley
  • Ten years with the Innocence legal Team
  • Civil Experience includes Jury Trials to verdict, multiple court trials and other hearings, discovery, arbitration, and mediation.
  • Selected in 1992 as one of twenty members of Death Penalty Panel following extensive review of trial work, including evaluations by all opposing counsel, co-counsel, and trial judges. Of ten plus death cases, only one death verdict returned.
  • Recipient of 40 letters of appreciation from satisfied clients during association with Miller and Associates, a nationwide criminal defense firm.

Case Management Skills

  • Control multiple files and ensure that all deadlines are met.
  • Conduct of forty to two hundred “job” interviews for twelve to sixteen positions (jurors) for each jury trial.
  • Extensive knowledge of Civil, Criminal, and Arbitration procedure, and the Rules of Evidence.
  • Extensive experience with office computer programs, including Microsoft Word, Outlook, data base. Extensive experience with on line legal research, data base research, email and instant messaging. Developed and published website with Yahoo Site Builder. Programming experience in the FORTRAN language. Tutorials in Concordance and Summation. Federal Court e-filing.
  • Exceptional public speaking skills, including making presentations, questioning others, and responding to questions. Successful instruction delivered in diverse settings, including law schools, juries, and Boy Scouts.
  • Solid knowledge of the intersection of criminal and immigration law.

Investigation Skills

  • Receive, review and assimilate large amounts of information and law, and developed the theory and plan of action that best supports the client’s interests.
  • Organize and recruit defense team necessary to develop and protect client’s interests. Teams frequently include professional investigators, and experts in medical, mental health, and physical sciences.
  • Meet with, interview, and assess key witnesses for truthfulness and persuasiveness. Develop and maintain a relationship with the key individuals, as necessary to discovery accurate information, and to insure advice is seriously considered.

Case Results

Investigation results

  • Client accused of molestation and facing a life sentence allowed to plead to non-sexual assault and placed on probation with credit for time served.
  • Deputy sheriff accused of molesting his children permitted to plead to child endangerment and credit for time served.
  • Murder charge dismissed on day of trial following defense investigation.
  • Bomb Threat that closed Highway 99 dismissed following preliminary hearing after the introduction of evidence developed by the defense investigation.

Recent Verdicts

  • Client facing allegations of sexual assault by five women found not guilty on all counts.
  • Involuntary Manslaughter Verdict to charge of Murder of a three-year-old by means of belts and switches.
  • Not guilty verdict to DUI where a damaged vehicle seen traveling down the street leaving a trail of sparks.

Appellate Results

  • Client convicted of raping a niece: reversed on appeal, and ultimately permitted to plead to minor offense with credit for time served.
  • Youth counselor convicted of molestation of client: Reversed on appeal
  • Father convicted of molestation his four-year-old daughter and sentenced to life: reversed on appeal in published opinion.
  • Successfully defended prosecution appeal from the award of custody credits for pretrial electronic home compliance.
  • Juvenile court conviction for molestation reversed by means of Petition for Habeas Corpus.


  • Twice Attorney of Month during a one-year period while associated with Miller and Associates, a nation-wide criminal defense firm.
  • Silver Beaver Award, Boy Scouts of America
  • Vigil Honor, Order of the Arrow
  • National Presidents Scoutmaster Award of Merit
  • Wood badge Leadership Training

Community Service

Organized, lead as post advisor, and secured funding for an explorer post composed of developmentally disabled adults. The post provided the first camping experience to men and women, some of who were in their 60’s.

  • Scout Master.
  • Council Vice President for Scouting.
  • Member of Board, San Antonio Youth Project.